Have you ever thought about setting up a letting agency?
I’m not surprised, they are HOT property at the moment, with the large corporates snapping up the independents daily, as they can see the real benefit in the large residual income they offer...
So WHY a letting agency?
  • A mature lettings agency can generate 700k plus per annum and what is really attractive about this business model is that most of it is residual income
  • It gives you GREAT opportunity to build a highly valuable and saleable business asset in today’s market it could be worth over £1million if sold.
  •  If you already are a landlord, then it offers a property management solution all wrapped up in one. 
  •  If you are looking for a way to buy more property, then a letting agency is great at generating LEADS or deals (opportunities) of property’s for you to buy 
The 5 Key things you need to make your letting agency a SUCCESS are:
  • Marketing and Branding - to WIN new clients in a competitive market and to ensure YOU stand out in your town or city
  • Systemisation and Processes – to ensure the minute and multiple details of the business run smoothly, this is both online and offline, computer and process driven
  •  Income Layers - Multiple income streams and correct pricing levels and value propositions to ensure you are super profitable and have alternative client options
  • Team structure - having the right team in place, getting them regular training and ensuring they have the pay structures and an environment that ensures maximum performance
  • Support- even after many years in the business, support is necessary, as legislation changes all the time, this means changes to processes, the market forces and day to day operational changes are required constantly to keep you and your business SAFE
You are probably wondering whether you should go it alone or work with a franchise brand.

You can create all of this yourself, as I did, and it took me 15 years to get right, but if you want to speed that up, then a franchise option buys you TIME, and we all know TIME is money.
By working with a franchise brand such as Concentric, you can be assured of the following:
  • Website and Branding – All taken care of for you
  • Online and social media presence – already in place & exceptionally strong within the landlord community nationally
  • Computer systems to manage and run the business – All taken care of for you
  • The complexity of property management – all taken care of for you
  • Client accounting volume and security aspects – all taken care of for you
  • Keeping up to date with changing regulation – Continuous training included
  • Staying compliant – Compliance overseen from Head office to keep your team in check
  • Making a profit and keeping costs down – NEW strategies shared throughout the group quarterly at the quarterly training day to ensure there is always something NEW to work on or develop to continuously build and layer your income stream opportunities
  • Freedom of time- because we take away the property management, client accounting and compliance you are FREE to focus on building your business and giving GREAT customer service
"Their extensive and professional team, along with their comprehensive training, processes, procedures, operation manuals and business development support, have had a major impact on my amazing success. 

The fact that I can send my growing team of new staff members to Concentric Head Office, for their training, has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. 

I must say, expanding as rapidly as I have does bring its own challenges, but with Concentric behind you, with their reassuring expertise, they’ve made my expansion so much more manageable, as a business owner, especially with their undeniable experience of how to grow and maintain a successful lettings agency.”
Steve Latham
Concentric sales and lettings Liverpool Branch
Ongoing Support to give you the time and freedom you need to grow.
We know that by taking care of the property management, client accounting & compliance functions for our network, this allows them the time and freedom to build their business, deliver additional services as well a offer exceptional customer satisfaction which is probably why our network enjoys top positions in the UK for customer reviews on FreeIndex and an enviable arrears rate of less than 2% across the network.
Has this worked in the past? 

We have found that with the partners that have transferred from working alone to being part of our network, have seen such a huge increase in income within a few short months, such as Harry in Newcastle, who saw his income increase by 500% in just 4 months.
“Due to being able to focus on winning new business rather than managing properties, I was able to focus on winning new instructions, due to not being bogged down with property management and arrears chasing issues. 

The result was that I increased my turnover to be 5 x what it was before I converted to Concentric. What was a real bonus was that my properties in arrears reduced from 40% to only 2% in less than 2 months, this meant I was now getting fees in I wasn’t previously too, which really helped. 

As a result I also felt more confident to increase the fees I charged, so this meant higher fees, more new business, less arrears but more importantly less stress. 

I was also able to take my first family holiday in years, within 3 months of joining Concentric, because the back end management was taken care of, giving me freedom for the first time in a long time. Business has become enjoyable again”.
So how does it work? 
If you're interested in becoming part of the Concentric Franchise Network, the next step is to book a chat with one of our senior director to see if you're a good fit for us and if we're a good fit for you. 

Once you've done that, we'll schedule a "Get to Know You" meeting, followed by research and planing and we'll get you launched. 
Click the button below to enter your details and schedule a call with one of our team:

"The training and support of the Franchise team has been exceptional throughout our setting up and running of the business, we particularly find the Quarterly lettings exchanges of great value, that is where the group as a whole gets together and shares what is working best nationwide. Some great ideas get shared and we always come away with something new to work on, but it’s great to share and help the new guys coming through too, as we can really understand where they are and how they feel".

Tony Cullinan and Lisa Barton 
Concentric Sales and Lettings - Coventry Branch
                    The Application Process
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A phone call from Head office 
A member of our team will call you to set up your Discovery Day meeting
Discovery Day meeting with Our Senior Director
You’ll sit down with our senior director who will see if we’re the right fit for you and discuss what opportunities we have available 
You'll be supported by an Expert Team who have over 20+ years of Experience...
Sally Lawson MARLA
Sally Lawson is both a successful business women and a property lettings professional, gaining her wealth of experience over the last 26 years as a lettings professional. On top of this she has developed her own property portfolio and launched numerous letting agencies and a national franchise operation as well as letting and managing over £1.1 billion of property asset. 

Vice President of ARLA, Sally is also a best-selling author of the book “I’ve got this tenant” as well as an International Award Winning Speaker, having spoken at super conferences nationally including, Wembley Stadium and alongside James Caan. Sally is mostly known also for her educational style utilising her extensive social media presence and now focuses on helping letting agents achieve success via robust systems and marketing.
Karen Mills MNAEA
Karen Mills is senior director at Concentric Property Franchise and has spent the last 25 years working in the property industry. 

She’s worked for some major UK wide corporate organisations and is personally involved in the sale of over £360 million worth of property. 

Karen’s won multiple awards throughout her career and currently trains franchisees to develop successful and profitable sales and lettings agencies. 
David Parker FNAEA
David has clocked up over 30 years in the Estate Agency industry, working in a variety of environments across much of the country that include Independent, Corporate and even Online Estate Agency. His experience covers both sales & lettings environments and a key strength is people development, drawn from over 20 years with the major corporates.
He has worked with some of the most successful people in the industry along the way and developed a comprehensive understanding of what ‘Good looks Like’.